Peak Hill Central School

Success Through Effort

Telephone02 6869 1304

School Captains

2000 Sarah Allen
2001 Miranda Jelbart and Melissa Maybury
2002 Dawn Napthali and Benjamin Stanford
2003 Candice Harris and Louise Stanford
2004 Anna Unger and Jessie Robinson
2005 Sarah Leonard and Bradleigh Sanders
2006 Katrina Westcott and Rebecca Beale
2007 Nichole Edwards and Shannon Hando
2008 Brooke Gavin and Teagan Keed
2009 Amy O'Leary and Jake Westcott
2010 Stacey Edwards and Michael James
2011 Michelle Westcott and Jane Bendall
2012 Emily Clark and Courtney Hando
2013 Georgia Sharkey and Bradley Edwards
2014 Erin O'Leary and Nathan Carr
2015 Brooke Carpenter and Alistar Kopp
2016 Taleica Keed and David Heywood
2017 Charlica Schnitger
2018 Chloe Gould
2019 Chloe Gould
2020 Haidee Hando
2021 Tijuana Keed
2022 Samuel Gregson
2023 Zoe Pabis and Quentin Weaver